Anthony Pill – Question Time


Anthony Pill



Area you reside?

Cornwall, UK

When did you get into BMX?

Me and a few friends from school got BMX bikes and started what we thought was riding, based on what we’d seen in library books. So, Raleigh burners, mag wheels, race uniforms, etc. My dad then took us to the rider cup at spitalfields and it was so different from what we thought. I couldn’t believe it. I was hooked from then. That was 92, so 30 plus years in now!

First BMX?

I had a mini burner when I was about 5, but the first full-size bmx was a falcon Pro, then I found a mag burner in a skip!

Current BMX?

Total TWS.

Favourite place to ride?

Can’t give you just one: Winklebury spine was number 1 before it got burnt down, Penzance bowl, Southsea (before they ruined the pool), Mount Hawke, Dean Lane, any wooden ramps.

Top BMX-related memories?

Portimao worlds – the entire trip, sitting at the foot of the ramp when Hoffman did the no-handed 9 at x-games, winning King of Concrete the first time.

Also, deconstruction tour, Haro tour, eastpak tour, Standard tour, trips to Woodward, FBR at rampage, climbing a volcano with Bibi and the boys, riding at Ozzfest, the list is endless.


Hoffman, Mirra, Nyquist, Miron, Osato, Wicke, Hunter Thompson, Tabron.

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

Sheila Love, Sean Stevens, Mike O’Connell, James Hitchcox, Mark Webb, Rob Ridge, Zach Shaw, Simon Tabron, James Moon, Marlboro Pete, Denis Wingham, Rick Moliterno, Ryan Nyquist, Craig Stevens (RIP), all the BCR boys, all the Welsh boys from that era, anyone who was on the braun cruzar tour, too many people to mention! Anyone that’s stoked on riding and progressing.


I love so many different bands and genres, I don’t have space to list. Music is important.

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Dave Osato, BMXmen.

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

Any thing from the above mentioned section.

Other interests?

I like to make music and videos, I love to surf as often as possible, and I love spending time with my wife, kids and grandkids. I’m old.

Last words?

Be excellent to each other.