Dean Johnstone – Question Time


Dean Johnstone



Area you reside?

Bristol. Moved here 23 yrs ago to ride BMX

When did you get into BMX?


First BMX?

White Viceroy. Same first BMX as Rob Ridge

Current BMX?

Two current bikes. MacNeil Whitton, G-Sport wheels, pegs, and gyro, which is my park and concrete bike. Another MacNeil Whitton – simpler for the trails as I hate getting my park bike dirty and up the brakes going all creeky.

Favourite place to ride?

Three favourite places to ride. The Deaner concrete park in Bedminster. Pumpy trails in Bristol and Rampworld in Cardiff during the wet winter. Can’t choose one but all are good.

Top 3 BMX-related memories?

1. Finally hitting double figures (10ft plus) out the top of a vert quarter. The Mega Ramp in 2012.

2. 360 down the trails in 2021.

3. Moving to Bristol in 1999 with the sole purpose of riding BMX as much as I could before I got too old.


Main influence is Mat Hoffman.

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

Happy to share a deck with anyone who loves riding. There is a young rider from Wales that is really inspiring me at the moment called Ashley Attwood. Seeing him progress just makes me want to get better.


Music has never been important to me but I like anything catchy. Currently liking Tate McRae and using Phil Oakley for my next video part.

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Jerry Galley Nails in the Coffin

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

Hoffman blasting the first big quarter, back in 1993.

Other interests?

Cycling on a bigger bike. Bit of touring and camping out. I love BMX but it’s nice to ride other bikes and know I am not going to fall off and hurt myself.

Last words?

BMX rules!