Ben Walker – Question Time


Ben Walker



Area you reside?

St Ives, Cambridgeshire but originally from Greater Manchester

When did you get into BMX?


First BMX?

Unknown chrome thing closely followed by a 1992 Dyno VFR

Current BMX?

2021 Haro Lineage Airmaster (i had the original Haro Airmaster when i was 14)

Favourite place to ride?

Rampworx skatepark, Aintree

Top 3 (or as many as you like) BMX-related memories?

In a Southsea nightclub on the dancefloor with Dave Mirra and Dennis McCoy in 1995

Staying at Woodward West for a week the year it opened in 2003

Street riding with my friends


Mat Hoffman, Dave Voelker, Jay Miron

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

My friends, Nick, Wes and Jay Openshaw


Fugazi, Jawbreaker, Beastie Boys

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Last section of Headfirst

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

Any clip of Mat Hoffman doing an indian air

Other interests?

Climbing or jumping off high things

Last words?

I wish there were indoor skateparks in Cambridgeshire