Darren Gascoyne – Question Time


Darren Gascoyne



Area you reside?


When did you get into BMX?

I got into jumping as Evel Knievel was my hero, I had an orange chippy bike which was a smaller-looking chopper. I’d set up jumps using my old kids’ tractor with a piece of wood lent up against it. That was my first crash ha. A few years later I got a BMX.

First BMX?

A red Raleigh Burner with yellow pads.

Tell us more about your early days on a BMX. Any stories to share?

I first started riding ramps at a BMX club, they had a Vincent quarter pipe, and that’s where I met Dave Moseley and Doug. Dave then built a quarter in his back garden. As we progressed so did the ramp. It ended up a half-pipe, then one day when dave’s parents went out the ramp ended up 4ft wider. Eventually, the ramp got torn down and a new higher ramp was built. A few years later we ended up at the ramp opening day at St Neots. St Neots then became our local ramp. Then Dave’s ramp eventually got torn down and the decent bits of wood end up in St Neots for a new half-pipe.

We would travel a lot back in the late 80s/early 90s. Chingford, Mon’s, Wicksteed Park, Southsea. Then we had a lot of visitors at Dave’s ramp too. The Kettering locals would be down most weekends, Chilly, Glynn Green, Dave Colledge, Stuart Paling, Kev Clark, Brian Wills. A few others would be Jamie Bestwick, Lee Reynolds, and James Hudson. We had some good times especially when the neighbours pointed the sprinkler over the trees getting the ramp wet. But my truly professional shot with the black widow catapult put an end to that when I took out the sprinkler. We would then dry the ramp.

Ah hah, another story lol. The first half-pipe. Dave would bring bits of wood home from work, but then we would visit some nice building sites to see if they had anything spare, we had to do this at night due to dave having to work. I also had school. we finally found some plywood on a nice Sunday afternoon in the middle of the town centre. But unfortunately, we got reported and a nice police officer came to visit us to ask a few questions. We had to put the ply that wasn’t used in the stream at the end of the garden and push it downstream. We got away with that, but after the nice officer left. Dave gave me a lift home. Didn’t see the nice officer standing behind the Bush when we got in the car saying we were lucky we got away with borrowing that wood. Still, nothing happened. But I did see the man one day when he was out jogging and he gave me a funny look. The ramp was good though.

Current BMX?

I currently have a T1 Ruben and Barcode.

Favourite place to ride?

Anywhere that’s free, St Neots skatepark is a special place for me as it holds a lot of good memories and friends.

Top 3 BMX-related memories?

Too many to be honest. It’s that kind of sport that can give you a lot of friends and memories. I’d have to say the road trips to King of Concrete, Sunday visits to Chingford or just riding at St Neots.


I was really influenced by Brian Blyther in the earlier days, then the condor came along. I did love the UK pro and masterclass groups, Lee Reynolds, Jason Ellis, Greg Guillotte, Mike canning, Carlo Griggs.

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

It has to be the old St Neots crew, Dave Moseley, Tim Bone, Jason Keen, and a few others.


Metal, punk

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Anything on Headfirst

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

Jay Miron section on Madd Matt.

Other interests?

Bike rides in the countryside, exploring new places around the outskirts of Bedford.