Ellis Hardesty – Question Time


Ellis Hardesty



Area you reside?

Guildford, Surrey

When did you get into BMX?

Spring 1982

First BMX?

BH California, yellow with blue parts and it was heavy as fuck but i loved it.

Current BMX?

United Knightsbridge V1 frame with mainly S&M parts,I’m well over due a new United but the taiwanese are being bitches so I’m going to have to wait.

Favourite place to ride?

From 1997-2013 it was Chertsey trails (they were ploughed), since then it’s been Sheet trails. Big up Pie for letting me ride there.

Top 3 BMX-related memories?

Top 5?

Kellogg’s Hounslow 1984: My dad let me have the day off school, and I got to meet my hero, Greg Hill. It was surreal seeing all these BMX legends from the US racing round a track on an overcast Monday in Isleworth!

Backyard jam 1993, Chris Moeller jumping the chasm, t-shirt and jeans and a baseball cap. The jump was huge and the landing was a berm with bricks at the bottom. Witnessing a legend having their greatest moment in their career doesn’t happen very often in England.

K.O.C 1995 A group box jump contest.I entered and competed against Dave Mirra, Dennis McCoy, Dennis Wingham, Jon Taylor and Jason Lunn. Safe to say I didn’t finish in the top ten.

Corby skatepark 2009,Jamie Bestwick was in the UK and posted on insta that he was going to ride at Corby before heading off to the worlds in Cologne.It was incredible,14 ft airs, Indian seatgrabs, flairs, the full trick list. No handed 900 into the ressie, double tail whips four ways!Didnt land low once or hang up,it was epic.

Oakley national trails champs 2009, one of the spots was Epsom.They used to have a big line there that was pretty daunting and the jumps were big. The rider list was the Forte brothers, Scott Edgworth, Thomas Robinson, Martin Tambling, Matt Priest…all the top English trails dudes.I gave it the big one and said I was happy lead the train, fortunately it all went well but I’ve never felt so much pressure to not make a cunt of myself!


Eddie Kidd, Jason Lunn, Chris Moeller

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

It’s a start hill not a deck so I’m just going to list them, these are all the riders from the Surrey trails spots.

Tim Green, Warren Atkinson, Ross Broughton, Jon Robinson, Freddie Househam, Jimmy Rushmore, Bambi, Jimmy Pratt, Matt Cox, Pie…all shredders.


80s/90s rap, early 90s dance, Oasis-love a sing-along.

Favourite BMX Video Section?

I’ve got over 300 videos so a tough question. Brian Foster’s Fit section with Neil Young’s Old Man song hits the spot every time.

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

Has to be Chris Moellers no hander over the chasm on Backyards Behold The Wonders That Never Cease video.

Other interests?

Football, skating, fast cars and family

Last words?

I think the reason I’m still riding in my 50s is because I didn’t burn myself out back in the day. You don’t have to ride all the time. You can have a life outside of BMX and still ride, you just have to keep your eye in.