Chris Hardy – Question Time


Chris Hardy



Area you reside?

South Derbyshire

When did you get into BMX?


First BMX?

Raleigh Burner, Super Tuff Burner

Current BMX?

WTP Pathfinder with a mix of Odyssey, WTP, GSport Éclat and Revenge Industries parts

Favourite place to ride?

Austin, tx. You can ride all types of terrain in a single day and get to them all by bike .

Micklefield park (Leeds).

The Spot (London)

Top 3 BMX-related memories?

1. Getting to ride the Baldy Pipe and Arizonan vert walls.

2. Working at Trend Bicycle Source as the wheel builder/mechanic for the last coupla years in its last couple of years.

3. Doing Carve and seeing so many riders wearing the Tees and Sweatshirts, and organising the infamous Carve Street Jams.


Can’t say I really have any. Plenty of riders i respect and like to watch.

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

Good friends. My go-to guys for a good session are, Mikey Purrett, Lee Fletch, Christophe Nickel, Joe Landricombe, Jay Openshaw


Jazz. Funk. Motown. Rock. Hip hop. Modern fusion stuff with Latin, Indian and Japanese roots. Reggae. 60’s and 70’s. Classical. 90’s Drum n Bass. Ska.

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Corey Walsh, ‘Pull Back or Die’.

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

Garrett Reynolds, full cab over rail to backwards Manny to 360!!!? from Always Fiending

Last words?

Get out and explore. don’t follow the pack, ride your own way

Oh and get stretching