Paul Winfield – Question Time


Paul Winfield


Area Resided?
Matlock, Derbyshire

When did you get into BMX?
I was around 6/7 years old and saw an advert in a local paper for a BMX club in Alfreton, got my parents to take me and loved it!

First BMX?
Gold Raleigh Burner (1980 ish)

Current BMX?
We The People

Tell us more about your early days in the BMX family. Any stories to share?
So the early days all revolved around just going to the local BMX club (Alfreton, then Ripley), I didn’t know anyone else there, but soon made friends, who now have become my best friends for life and still hang out. For me it was just all about having fun, meeting new people, but it soon became just riding my bike 7 days a week, at the club or round the streets of Ripley. We never had any local bike parts, so apart from club nights, it was just riding street, anything wooden or concrete with banks or drop-offs, our regular haunt was the banks at the library or the Co-op loading dock!

Eventually, we built a local half pipe at Swanwick School, and when we had UKBFA comps at Ripley/Alfreton we would always go there with other riders which was always great times, the Trumpton Squad, Si Tabron, Jase Ellis to name a few would come ride, and of course local rider and very good friend Jamie Bestwick we would ride all the time with, and then we would travel up to Wakefield for sessions in the week on the indoor skate park.

Favorite Place?
Half Pipe at Woody Night Club in Ironville Nott

Top 3 BMX – related memories?
Riding with friends at local spots

Riding with the Bones Brigade at a demo in Mansfield

Tizer worlds 88 and witnessing some of the best riding of all time!

Jamie Bestwick, Mike Canning, Dave Slade

Who are your perfect people to share a Deck with?
My friends!

Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange, Fugazi

Favorite single Clip from BMX Video?
Eric Steel attempting a backflip at I think Cardiff BFA comp

Other Interests?
Keeping fit, Mountain Biking, going to gigs

Last Words:
Being away from the riding scene for a long while, being back on and off, I wish I had carried on riding, but hey, back on the back and let’s see where we can age 50+!