Simon Tabron – Question Time


Simon Tabron



Area you reside?

Tampa, Florida

When did you get into BMX?


First BMX?

Raleigh Burner

Current BMX?

Haro Lineage custom.

Favourite place to ride?

I love the bowl in Saint Pete

Top 3 BMX-related memories?

1. Mat Hoffman with his no-hand 900!

2. Watching Eduardo Terreros, for years, just watching, how good he was, so scary, so high and so raw!!! Like my little brother 🖤

3. My back-to-back 900s in 2007


Eduardo, Mat Hoffman, Mike Dominguez, Brian Blyther, Scott Carroll, Carlo Griggs, Craig Campbell, Greg Guillotte, Chad Kagy, Zach Shaw..

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

Pill, Chad, Mat, Robert Ridge, Seb and my skate friends Paul Luc Ronchetti, Kevin Staab and Jimmy Wilkins


Interpol, Radiohead, Curtis Mayfield

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Headfirst, the whole damn video!

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

All clips of Mat on his big ramp!

Other interests?

I make lots of music!

Last words?

Life is a gift.