Mike O’Connell – Question Time


Mike O’Connell


49 Knocking on 5.0

Area you reside?

Surrey, South of England

When did you get into BMX?


First BMX?

£29.99 Magnum from the Daily Mail Newspaper (piece of crap, but probably on somebody’s wall today)

Current BMX?

For ramps and park Standard 250L custom and for Flatland Haro Lineage Master, both running BSD and Profile parts.

Favourite place to ride?

In the past Rampage, Iowa, present West Chiltington mini ramp, Lyme Regis nibble table, Newlyn East nibble table.

Top 3 BMX-related memories?

I have 5.

1. Friday night of BS finals in Daytona, Florida, November 1995

2. Miron pulling the first ever 540 whip on vert, X Trials Orlando

3. Riding Southsea mini ramp with DMC in 92.

4. Night session at Horsham in 06 with Rick and Standard crew

5. No 1 riding Rampage between 2002/2005 with Rick and the SBC friends


Rick Moliterno, DMC, Scott Carroll RIP

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

Pill, James Hitchcox, Waddy, Rob Ridge, Jay Boyd, Ant Pearson, BV and Rick Moliterno


Any music from Props, Baco or Dorkin

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Jay Miron American Muscle

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

Jim Rienstra from Baco 9 A Go Go, Back Rail 5 Tap

Other interests?

Food, Music, American Muscle, Photography

Last words?

Life is NOT a dress rehearsal, better to regret something you have done than regret something you wished you done.