Ed Chester – Question Time


Ed Chester



Area you reside?

Melton Mowbray

When did you get into BMX?

1982 – I was already obsessed with bikes but as soon as I saw a BMX I spent a lot of time trying to make the bike I had look like a ‘proper’ BMX – I remember taping a bit of wooden dowel onto my bars to make a crossbar because it was BMX … it was a big deal when I was 10.

First BMX?

Blue & chrome Puch Sabre from Junction Cycles in Mellis, Suffolk

Current BMX?

Subrosa DTT Streett

Favourite place to ride?

Anywhere with The Usual Suspects – a collective of riding misfits of all ages, shapes, and sizes … the good, the bad, and the ugly … fun comes first. Also any survivor 70’s concrete park … you can feel the history.


Bob Haro, Vic Murphy, Len Lentini, Ron Wilkerson, Nick Phillips, Rob Steele

Top 4 BMX-related memories?

Demos at village fetes in Suffolk mid-80s

Like Kev Clark I was lucky enough to ride Wicksteed – rollin round the 18ft and dropping in was unforgettable

The first Holeshot comp

Realising Rob Steele was the rider in the how-to sections of Dave Spurden’s Freestyle BMX book – I’d studied them religiously when I got the book in the 80s


Drum breaks / hip hop / anything cinematic.

Favourite BMX Video?

Eddie Roman’s ‘Ride On’ – I was late to the game in grasping how good this is … but it’s my go-to vid for pre-ride amplitude ⚡️

Other interests?

Husband & father first / I was into my music production & putting records out before BMX reignited for me / graphic design / simplifying my life.

Last words?

Unity & harmony – don’t let gatekeepers tell you what ‘BMX’ is … street, vert, flat, park, pub riders, collectors, polishers, whatever … it’s all BMX and if you have a passion for it then that’s all you need to know.

Momento Mori. ED209 out 🫡