Ben White – Question Time


Ben White



Area you reside?


When did you get into BMX?

1983. Fresh off the ET/Bmx beat/Kelloggs UK boom. A track was built in the park across the road from my house. A race club soon followed, which subsequently died in the early ’90s. By then, I’d met some street riders and had continued to ride a bit of everything. The track remained in various states and is now still the place I ride the most.

First BMX?

1982 Puch turbo gti which sounds top of the range but it had cotter pin cranks, hard plastic grips and came out of Grattan’s catalogue on the weekly tick.

Current BMX?

S&M/Credence black magic 21.5 for the dirt.
T1 barcode 21.25 with 2 brakes for the park

Favourite place to ride?

Bolehills BMX track has to top the list for now. I’ve had lots of great times with lots of great people over the years. Street sessions all over Yorkshire during the 90s & 2000s were so much fun. I also really enjoyed Chesterfield Unit One skatepark in the late 90’s.

Top 3 (or as many as you like) BMX-related memories?

So many to choose from over 40 years of riding.

Winning my first race away from my local track at Newark in 1985/6.

Watching professional racing as part of the NBMXA national series was amazing at the time, the seriousness of March, Vince, Llewelyn and the other big hitters was mesmerising.

The one and only time I beat Charlie Shooter to win a moto at Horbury in 1991 on a borrowed bike, Charlie was very gracious in defeat!

My first big 360 over a PROPER jump at Bolehills in 1996 after many crashes & bails.

Being involved in the massive sessions at the early UK street jams was very memorable, Chris Hardy & George French’s Carve jams in the early 90’s were amazing for me just to see great riding first hand from some of the people you’d only ever seen in the magazines.

Early Southsea KOC & backyard jams were brilliant to be at. Even to this day, that same vibe & enjoyment comes through at most bmx events I get to experience.

Too many to list, BMX just keeps giving!


Dave Clymer & the POW’s
Anyone still shredding at 40+ years old,
Local youngsters who open up new lines at established spots.

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

My 2 sons Liam & Alex, Bolehills dig crew, Monkeys diggers, Hudu, Craig Evans, Milly & the South Yorks scrubbers, Notts old boys, Carlos, Bray-O and the Bolehills youngsters Brandon Steele, Jack Miller, and Jack Waller. It would have to be a sturdy deck!


Anything exhilarating and/or funky. From thrash metal to James Brown via Tim Reaper. Butthole surfers, flat worms, dexy’s midnight runners, hallan, working men’s club, man or astro man, ugly custard… Could go on for ages.

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Never been a huge watcher of videos, never had a VCR at home. Watched some early ones at the Carve house and I loved the entirety of Head First & Ride On. I can hand on heart say I’ve never seen a 2000’s era video or DVD until Go fast pull up came out. That was good 🤣🤣

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

Dave Clymer flipping the Chasm at Backyard 1994.

Other interests?

Pool & snooker. I play pool to a decent local league standard. I’m terrible at snooker though.

Last words?

Hopefully i’ll keep getting enjoyment from bmx for the rest of my life. Whether that be riding, digging, helping out at bolehills jams, fixing youngsters bikes whatever. I don’t care as long as I’m involved. Bmx has given me a lot of enjoyment and a sense of belonging. I owe it to Bmx to perpetuate that. Also I want to say a big thanks to everyone I rode with in the early 90’s in sheffield especially George French who gave so much to the Sheffield bmx scene as a whole but also he gave me help and knowledge about bikes, friendship and tons of free parts! It’s still exciting and terrifying to watch him ride.