Lincoln Blacksley – Question Time


Lincoln Blacksley



Area you reside?

Essex Riviera

When did you get into BMX?

Around 1983 – My cousins were already into it as they lived in Harrow so took me to the skatepark one day and I got hooked from there. They were both already really good riders with top bikes (Kuwahara & Race Inc.) and both placed well in the first ever Freestyle comp at Harrow with Bob Haro in 1982 I think. Chris Young won the comp and got a Haro Freestyler frame from Bob.

First BMX?

Moto One. Really wanted a Team Murray for some reason but don’t think my parents could afford or get one at the time.

Current BMX?

Haro La Bastille & Subrosa Aggro Rag DTT

Favourite place to ride?

BITD > Southbank & Rom, nowadays > My driveway

Top BMX-related memories?

Seeing a white Kuwahara KZ1 in the window of Alpine Sports in London early 80’s, first proper BMX I’d seen, I was starstruck by it and that memory has stayed with me to today.

Dennis McCoy riding flatland at Holeshot 1986 – If you were there you’ll understand why, it just blew my mind. For the time no one had seen anything like it with tricks being linked like that and it hooked me on flatland from that point on!

The 2 Trips to the states :

1st time was with Mason Smith & Rob Alton when we stayed with Ron Stebanne who was a promoter/team manager back then. We coached some young Hollywood actors at Eddie Fiola’s house, hung out at Ron Wilkersons/Enchanted Ramp with British Invasion mob, went to the FREESTYLIN’ offices, all the dream stuff pretty much.

2nd time again with Mason Smith and Will Evans, we went to the Hoffman comp Chicago 94 and stayed with the Standard/BACO guys, rode Rampage. Went to Hoffmans house etc.

Getting interviewed/featured by RAD magazine with Phil. TLB & Nick Philip came down to Brentwood and interviewed us for a feature in the mag. Pretty sure that was the first time they had done anything like that in RAD and certainly with a pair of Flatlanders..

Riding with the Meanwhile 2 crew for a couple of years. That era was just crazy especially seeing Greg & Lee progress so rapidly, then later Andy Brown and going to the BFA comps together.

Riding with and filming Chase Gouin at South Bank.

Riding with Paul Osicka at South Bank and he came to stay with me.

All the weekends with the South Bank Crew (Phil, James, Steve B, Aju and various visitors)

The list is endless to be honest..


My dad (he was a top road racing cyclist BITD), Curb Dogs/Golden Gate Park riders, Dennis McCoy, The Plywood Hoods – especially, Kevin, Eaton, John Huddleston, Geoff Martin, Phil Dolan (I taught him everything haha), Graham Marfleet (world’s best street rider), James Mulby, Jason Hassell, Steve Bisseker, James White.

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

Phil Dolan, Graham Marfleet, James Mulby, James White, Steve Bisseker


Pretty much anything nowadays

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Anything & everything from the Dorkin’ In York series, Ells Bells videos, James Whites old (VHS video’s) and new edits, anything with Steve Bisseker in it (prob filmed by me hah) all the BACO stuff, anything with Paul Osicka in it.

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

Blimey, the impossible question..I guess anything with Jones in from the Dorkin’ series, particularly the earlier vids 1-3 and then probably John Huddleston’s run from the AFA 1988 Finals

Other interests?

Cars / Rallying / Travelling

Last words?

Steve Bisseker is the GOAT.