Sam Davies Bate – Question Time


Sam Davies Bate



Area you reside?


When did you get into BMX?

Around 2002/2003ish I got into it but I used to race motocross when I was younger so I was always riding around on a BMX at races and just being kids pedalling around so probably even longer if you think about it.

First BMX?

Hoffman 900 am series burnt orange Matt Hoffman did the 1st 900 March 25th 1989 sticker on the top tube under the 900 logo then I got a Hoffman flow when the local skatepark got built and I actually started to figure shit out.

Current BMX?

Is a fukkin machine.

Deathpack silent victory custom frame UK built

Hick BMX products stem and bar ends

S&m bars forks, seat, tyres, grips.

Profile hubs 9t driver in the back sun big baller rims

Odyssey evo2.5 brake setup with trigger lever

Odyssey bearings

Cult hawk cranks I think

Profile retro spider with Stay Strong 35 t chainring

Burgtec pedals

I think that’s a full bike.

Favourite place to ride?

Probs the trails at pimbo or it will be when everythings finished but to be honest

I really dont have 1 i will ride anything as long as the company’s good im happy.

Pimbo is rad bike park near you, can you tell us more about it and your involvement?

Yeah Pimbo is mainly an mtb park but James who owns it was kind enough to give us a space to dig after the council fucked my old spot up and then the hog pound where I was lucky enough to take refuge for a season saw its end.

So I’ve just cracked on building up there done just over 12 months building and riding and there’s still more to build I think we are up to 22/23 lips across a few different lines now and still building its rad

But more so the full bike park is hittable on a BMX albeit can be a bit sketchy but its a good way for kids and dry guys alike to get a chance to ride dirt without really having to dig

Top BMX-related memories?

Going Woodward West was 1 of my favourite memories riding trails with Joey Cordova and nasty was mental

When I rode for Colony the UK tour was a good time a week away with Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtney, Coooer brown lee meeting up with northern john down south and all the other shit that went on was a good laugh especially Guettler throwing piss out of the sliding door of my van all over alan woods and Clint Millars van doing 70 on dual carriage way

But there are too many memories to list.


Jimmy levan
Vic murphy
Morgan wade
Street dave

To name a few.

Who are your perfect people to share a deck with?

The guys I see week in week out

Bickley, Coops, the boys from the trails at Pimbo just every 1 whos stoked for a session really


Litterally anything. 1 min i can be listning to some 1 pick a banjo, and the next full-blown thrash metal.

And anything in between.

Favourite BMX Video Section?

Jimmy Levan – church gap rf1
Sean Burns – anthem 2
Brian Foster – 360 tree nosebonk fit life

I dunno there’s a few

Favourite single clip from BMX Video?

All time fave clip is Hoffman getting towed into the huge quarter and launching.

That is BMX!!

Other interests?





Anything fun, stupid, or dangerous

Last words?

Fack yeah khant !

Special mention to Alans BMX for all the support over the years

James at Pimbo bike park for a home to build, and everyone who picks up a shovel, throws a jam, pours crete, shops local and keeps the scene alive!!!