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Club Homeboy

Club Homeboy – Loft Skate / BMX Zine Issue 4

Club Homeboy – Loft Skate / BMX Zine Issue 4

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Loft Zine Issue 4.

16 pages, quality official reproduction, printed on yellow paper.

For all you blatant lofters of Jive!

"Club Homeboy is back!

From the bros at @DearSkating!

This collection is made in collaboration with Andy Jenkins and consists of a tee, longsleeve, crewneck, zine, membership pack and a BMX top tube pad!

For those that didn’t know – Club Home Boy was started in 1987, by Andy Jenkins, Spike Jonze and Megan Baltimore as a secret society of sorts – it was all about community and inclusion.

Made up of a group of friends and pen pals – skaters, BMXers, writers and artists who all repped ID badges and wristbands in understated pride!"

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